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The School celebrated Independence day with fanfare and gaiety.
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To instill a sense of responsibility and pride for the school, Delhi Public School Bathinda organised the Investiture ceremony where 18 students from higher classes were appointed for senior council and 10 students from Junior classes for Junior council. Children presented a melodious song and gave enthralling dance performances. At the end the Chief Guest administered the oath and wished the student council all the best for their journey.                                                                                      
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Mothers Day Celebrations
Mothers day is the day to show our love and gratitude towards our mother. A mother is one of the most significant person in ones life. The relationship that a child share with mother is beyond any words. Mother is the source of unconditional love that nurture the child through out life and shows the right path. So, on Mothers Day DPS Bathinda organized "A DAY WITH MOTHER" to honour the mothers in May.
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Earth Day Celebrations
The school celebrated Earth day on April 21, 2017 with the theme Every day, Earth day. In this regard class VI took up a plantation drive, classes VII and VIII were shown a documentary on Save Earth.
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Baisakhi Celebrations
Baisakhi  was also celebrated with much fervor in April.
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World Health day was celebrated on April 07,2017 to convey the importance of healthy eating and healthy way of life. The students brought nutritious food and discussed about their nutritive value in the class.
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Orientation Programme for new parents was organised on March 20, 2017 in order to introduce them with new system.
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Guest Speaker Sqn Ldr Shiva Prasad from Air Force Station Bhisiana, Bathinda gave lecture on the career options in defence forces on Jan 21st, 2017 for classes X and XI.
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DPS organized a PTA meet on 17th, 18th & 19th Jan, 2017 for classes NUR to VIII. During this interactive session parents were acquainted with different aspects of Teaching-learning processes. To further strengthen the bond between parents and the school, various initiatives, plans and challenges were discussed to make the learning environment for students more invigorating in the next session.
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To make children understand the importance of UN and its 17 sustainable goals, A poster making activity was held for classes IV and V. They were also shown animated video clippings to make them aware of these goals and to motivate them to work towards achieving them.    
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